Architekturzentrum München

Corporate Design, Lecturer: Prof. Béla Stetzer, 2020

architekturzentrum logo

New Corporate Design for Architekturzentrum Munich. The Architekturzentrum Munich sees itself as a platform for the discussion of architecture and related topics in its engagement with space, such as photography, video, stage design and sculpture. The opening evenings of the exhibitions, as well as the numerous theme evenings with lectures, book presentations and discussions bring together a wide variety of groups of people and promote lively discourse on architecture and planning. The Architekturzentrum will be extanded with a old bunker from the Nazis and change its name to Architekturzentrum.
The new appearence was designed variable, to fit into different interdisciplinary contexts. A-Z stands for a wide range of topics and content as well as a large number of different exhibitors. The short description for this project could be, broadly diversified. The line in the logo makes it flexible. It works like a rubber band which can span different widths. Both digitally, in print and in the room.

architekturzentrum plakat
architekturzentrum plakat
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The website of the Architekturzentrum is a central medium for informing visitors about future events and sharing content. In addition, the large archive, which dates back to the beginning of the gallery, offers the opportunity to present many interesting contents.
The narrow image format is used in the rows which can be designed variably, depending on the content. The latest events will be announced here. Important information can be read at first glance, for example, the opening hours. The image format is taken up.
The archive is an important part. You can move through a lot of events and exhibitions of the past. At first glance, you can see that it's all about which event and what kind of event it was, for example, an exhibition or a talk. Under the menu of the page there are different filters, according to which you can sort the archive and search for specific content.

There are different poster styles. They are variable by the defined elements, and yet uniformly recognizable as a series. The logo can be placed at the top or bottom or at a different height as required and can be adapted to the content. The posters can be easily optimized for any format, for example in landscape format. In addition to the classic posters, there are event posters on which the events are announced and described.

architekturzentrum plakate architekturzentrum plakate
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architekturzentrum einladungskarte
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architekturzentrum zeitung
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